Emmy Noether Award for Prof. Sofia-Iris Bibli

Cysteine metabolism: the answer to endothelial aging?

In the framework of the Emmy Noether Programme, the German Research Foundation sponsors outstanding junior researchers so that they can start up their own independent research group and qualify for a university teaching career. Iris, who was recently recruited to a W1/W2 tenure tract position at the Institute for Vascular Signaling at the Goethe University, was awarded an Emmy Noether Grant to study the role of rewired cysteine metabolism in vascular aging and regeneration. The grant will be funded with just over 2 million € (for up to 6 years).

During her postdoctoral fellowship at the Goethe University, Iris was able to delineate the role of cysteine metabolism in the regulation of endothelial cell homeostasis. With her independent group she aims to study the flux of cysteine-derived carbon and sulfur intermediates into metabolic pathways, proteomic alterations and chromatin homeostasis that lead to vascular aging. The researchers hope that in the process they will identify novel drugable approaches to improve the regenerative capacity of the aged endothelium. We look forward to hearing more Iris and her group!

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