Lipid Mediators

Fatty acids are important components of the human body. Besides their role as main constituents of cellular membranes, nonesterified fatty acid can be enzymatically processed to generate a wide range of bioactive lipid mediators regulate numerous biological processes in physiology and pathophysiology. Our work is focused on the role of cytochrome P450/soluble epoxide hydrolase (CYP/sEH) mediated polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) metabolism in vascular homeostasis, in particular, the identification of CYP/sEH-derived novel lipid mediators in cell-cell interaction in angiogenesis and vessel stability. Moreover, We are also investigating the role of CYP/sEH in PUFA catabolism in diabetes associated cardiovascular diseases, i.e., diabetic retinopathy and cardiomyopathy.


Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming

Dr. Jiong Hu

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