About Sabine

Sabine studied Pharmacy from 1993-1998 at Goethe University, Frankfurt. In 2004 she received her PhD in Pharmacy at Goethe University and in 2014 she was appointed “Docent in Molecular Biology” by University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio.


Sabine joined the VRC as post-doctoral fellow in 2017. Her research focuses on the role of the transcription factor vitamin D receptor (VDR) in the development of common, mostly age-related diseases. Mainly, she performs genome-wide epigenetics studies. Since 03/2020, her project on the impact of vitamin D on a dynamic and cell-type-specific modulation of the 3D-chromatin structure, including her PhD student Timothy Warwick and the technician Tanja Lüneburg (50%), is financed by the DFG.