Phd Position

The Cardiovascular Physiology Institute of the Goethe-University (Medicine Faculty) headed by Prof. Ralf Brandes and Prof. Katrin Schröder is seeking for a

PhD candidate

(Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine)

(E13 TV-G-U, 65%-part-time)


for a project focused on redox-dependent mechanisms of vascular homeostasis, limited for 3 years.


NADPH oxidases are enzymes solely dedicated to produce reactive oxygen species which play an important role as signaling molecules under physiological and pathological conditions.  Of the 7 isoforms described, Nox4 stands a part as the only enzyme constitutively active with essential contribution to cellular homeostasis and protective function in the vasculature under stress condition.

Our group aims to further identify physiological functions of this enzyme in the vasculature with the aid of knockout mice in disease models like diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. To dissect the specific underlying mechanisms we use cutting edge technologies like LC/MS/MS for metabolic analysis, gene expression profiling (arrays and RNA Seq) coupled with classical

techniques in cell biology and protein chemistry.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates, with great passion for science and ambition to develop a successful career. Candidates should be able to work independently in a fast developing environment with great ability to integrate complex data sets.

We offer top quality research in a very productive and internationally recognized team. Our institute is a member of diverse grant initiatives with wide collaborative network.

Candidates should send CV and motivation letter to jobs@vrc.uni-frankfurt.de

The University supports equal opportunity rights for women and men and thus invites especially women to applicate for the position. In case of same personal and professional qualifications disabled applicants will be considered preferentially.

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